Personal Trainer

Hilton PreenHilton is a renowned fitness expert, educator, author, researcher, body building champion and Certified Personal Trainer.

Hilton started his fitness career as a competitive bodybuilder. After winning the Mr. South Africa title in 1987, Hilton immigrated to the United States. Working for Apex Fitness, Hilton consulted for many health clubs across California.

During his time in the USA, Hilton received his degree in Fitness & Nutrition and was certified through the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Returning to South Africa in 1998; in addition to owning his own Personal Training studio, Hilton consulted for many fitness and sports supplement companies including Evox, Muscle Science, Reebok, Exercise Teachers Academy, HFPA and others.

With over 25 years of nutrition & exercise experience of under his belt, Hilton is a true veteran in the fitness industry.

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